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简介 主要由探测组件与射流灭火装置构成。探测组件具有红外、紫外和图像三种探测功能,并利用激光定位火点位置,实现火灾多手段自动探测报警功能,快速实现联动、定位、扑救的功能
流量 5L/10L
颜色 浅灰色
尺寸 240mm*300mm*380mm
重量 4kg
品牌 联讯智控


The device is mainly made up of detection module and jet flow part. The detection module has infrared, digital image and ultraviolet, three approaches to monitor. It uses laser to locate the fire, to realize automatically multi-means detection and alarm function. Also reduces the probability of false alarm. When jet flow module receives a fire signal, it implements the function of linkage, targeting and rescue immediately. The device is small and good-looking, has high integration with the environment.